Turn a Closet Into a Home Office in 6 Easy Steps BODi

Turn a Closet Into a Home Office in 6 Easy Steps BODi

If your doors don’t fold, take advantage of vertical real estate by screwing thin sheets of cork to their back sides for posting notes and bills. Sometimes finding the right home office requires a little bit of flexibility and creativity. But, as you can see, with some imagination and ingenuity, turning a closet to a home office can allow you to be productive and efficient, whether you work from home temporarily or permanently. Closets aren’t known for being bright, naturally lit, or sun-drenched. With the power outlets in place, you’ll need to go about lighting it. In a standard home office (or even an in-office cubicle), there’s plenty of space for your stuff.

convert closet to office

A closet-turned-office space that’s uniquely you can help you feel productive and inspired. Any time you turn a closet into an office, you’ll want to prioritize good lighting. Your cloffice, while being a workspace, is also your personal space where you spend at least eight hours a day. Desktop monitors are notoriously bulky, especially widescreen ones.

Don’t Forget a Filing Cabinet

LED light strips installed beneath shelves or cabinets are a great way to illuminate your work surface without adding a visible light fixture. Chances are that you won’t find an electric outlet inside your closet for plugging in light strips—or your laptop, for that matter. If your budget is tight, a power strip and extension https://remotemode.net/ cord may suffice for connecting to a nearby wall outlet. However, for a truly well-lit closet office, you may need to call an electrician to add outlets and light fixtures to your new work zone. Recessed can lights add a wonderful amount of illumination to small work spaces and look good with just about any type of decor.

  • She chose to tuck items away in black document boxes, but you could easily use baskets or other organizational products.
  • If you don’t have the tools to make pocket holes, you can nail the trim in place through the front with finishing nails, you’ll just have to fill nail holes.
  • Even if it’s an odd-looking, but cherished doll from your childhood.
  • Height-adjustable desks that go from sitting to standing are also a good option to encourage movement.

With the help of such risers, you can elevate your cabinet and storage units, making them easy to move around and clean underneath. A few droplets of oil can reduce stress and create a calming atmosphere in the cloffice. This way, you can easily access the items whenever you need them, without cluttering up your desktop. For smaller items such as staplers, notebooks, and writing items, buy an inexpensive desktop organiser, stash all your stuff in it and place it to the side of your desk.

Squeeze in All the Shelves You Can

You need to measure the width, the height, as well as the depth for your targeted closet that you’d want to eventually turn into some sort of closet space. Depending on the type of closet you have, there’s a pretty good chance that the depth doesn’t go any deeper than the width of a hanger. I knew we had a white desk that was not being used in the basement, so that could save me some money. That’s one perk of getting older, I’ve accumulated plenty of stuff over the years.

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